Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us2018-09-24T13:14:58+00:00

Benefits Of Our System

We follow the VARK learning method, which means our courses are structured to accommodate and suit different needs – so whatever your learning style, we’ve got it covered

  • Visual  – Our video lectures and infographics are easy to understand. They guide you through each unit, step by step

  • Auditory – Each individual unit has an audio-only version of the video for you to stream and listen to

  • Read – Each individual unit contains a written script along with an online note section to assist with your learning

  • Kinaesthetic – Our courses will give you the confidence to undertake practical First Aid training. We can provide practical First Aid courses – just contact us for more information

The Benefits Of Learning With Us

Our courses are structured to accommodate different needs. We have:

  • Video guides

  • Audio only guides

  • Text guides

  • Infographics

  • Games and Quizzes

You can learn First Aid in the style that suits you

  • Our teaching methods are easy to understand. We don’t use unnecessary language or jargon

  • The language is clear, concise and simple even if English is your second language

  • You can learn at any time

  • You can learn anywhere and repeat as often as required

  • There are no time constraints

  • You can stop/start the courses as you need to

  • There are informal tests to reinforce your learning

Don’t just take our word for it… Check out what other people are saying about us

As a business owner I am always interested in looking at ways to help my employees progress in their personal development. I was asked to look at the First Aid Videos online courses as a possible course to add the development sector. I tried the Emergency First Aid at Work course. I have to say that the online courses offered are excellent and good value for money. They are interesting, engaging, simple to understand but extremely informative. The range of platforms that are offered including the different types of video, infographics and quizzes are genius. I certainly will be looking at rolling the First Aid Videos courses out to all my employees as I believe that they should all have First Aid knowledge.

Sky Ivanov, Business Consultant

I have tried out the First Aid Videos online course and found it to be a wealth of practical knowledge. It is easy to follow and understand. I have learnt new practical skills and feel more confident to help if a situation arises that needs first aid treatment.

Steve McDonald, Musician

I tried this course out and found it great. I work in the building sector so as far as I am concerned, knowing First Aid is a must!!! I studied the course at home as and when I got some spare time. The course allowed me to saved what I did and easily return to it when I next had time. The instructor on the video was clear and concise and I found it helpful to have a written text of the video so I could read it without having to play the video again. I was really happy when I passed the course. Great job guys!!!!

Antonio Rosso, Building Construction